DanRevision Gruppe 15.11.2011

DanRevision Gruppe 15.11.2011

DanRevision Gruppe 15.11.2011

Die DanRevision Gruppe

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Authors: , Lars Christiansen, Cand. Merc. Aud., Nils Johannsen and 6 Further

Date of Publication : 11/15/2011

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DanRevision Gruppe

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The DanRevision tax consultancy – for international players

The DanRevision Group is a dynamic and active team characterised above all by discipline, speed and a passion for what we do.

We offer flexible expertise and our tax consultants are on hand to steer you in the right direction.

Our accountants are very much at home in international financial circles and we represent a safe pair of hands. With the perseverance and commitment of our legal experts we have shown time and again that we have the stamina to reach the very top – in partnership with you.

Staying in the fast lane is no problem when you have the support of a strong team of consultants.

With DanRevision experts at your side you can succeed as a key player at both national and international level. We make sure that everything is kept on track. The international composition of our team, our talent and our know-how in all disciplines ensure that we are always at the cutting edge. We are quick to spring into action, especially in the international arena, and we guarantee each of our clients complete commitment and superior performance.

You will find us in Flensburg-Handewitt, Husum-Mildstedt, Schleswig, Hamburg, Kiel, Neumünster and Frankfurt which means that we are always close at hand.