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Dr. Dietrich Legat

Dr. Dietrich Legat

Dr. Dietrich Legat

Company: Delta Institute S.A. Switzerland

Position: Managing Partner

Member of the Competencies Board:

Type of Expert: Consultant, Speaker, Author

Native Language: German

Foreign languages: English

Total requests: 39304, last 30 days: 210


Chemin de Pomone 12

1228 Plan les Ouates


Phone: +41-22-885-02-75

Mobile: +41-78-6702212

Dieter Legat, born 1938, is a renowned expert in the field of leading businesses with a system approach based on Goldratts theory of constraints. (“Sales System Management”, SSM).

Based on a life long career in a wide field of operational business management Dr. Legat assists top management of world class enterprises in leading transformation of business systems to success.

He also teaches sales management within the Executive MBA Program of the International Management Center Graz (Austria), a FIBAA accredited set of courses. In addition he speaks and teaches in companies and in public - at congresses, seminars and business schools.

Dieter Legat retired from Hewlett Packard in December 2001 and founded 2002 Delta Institute Switzerland, an international consulting company and world leader in sales system management (SSM).

Dieter Legat’s special areas of expertise – summarized in the book “UNBLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR SALES FORCE!” -  are:

  • Operational leadership of the sales system (“Leading transformation of the enterprise wide system of sales success”)
  •  Operational leadership of the product system (“Leading the enterprise wide system of product creation and sales success”)
  • Operational leadership of the key account sales system (“Leading the enterprise wide system selling to key accounts”)

Highlights of his professional career are (with H-P, Honeywell-Bull, Honeywell, AEG-Telefunken)

  • Director, Worldwide Business Planning and Innovation, (top 80 accounts, worldwide)
  • Director, Planning, Computer Business Europe, (Operational plans, HOSHIN, Scorecards, Europe wide breakthrough projects)
  • Quality Director Europe, (Quality Strategy, Lead Reviewer)
  • European Sales Manager, (Indirect Channels)
  • Country Sales Manager, (Switzerland)
  • Financial Director, (Austria and Eastern Europe)
  • MARCOM Manager, (Austria and Eastern Europe)
  • Personnel Admin Manager, (Merger Administration)
  • Manager, Management Training, (M.b.O., Communications, Planning, Problem Solving)
  • I.T. Systems Engineer (process computers in steelmaking, hot rolling, paper making)
  • Assistant, Institute of Mathematics, University of Leoben, Austria (Statistics)