Dr. Mario Pirzl

Dr. Mario Pirzl

Dr. Mario Pirzl

Company: SENSARAMA consulting GmbH

Position: CEO

Type of Expert: Consultant, Speaker

Year of Birth: 1961

Native Language: German

Foreign languages: English

Total requests: 7482, last 30 days: 81


Eckertstrasse 133

8020 Graz


Phone: +43-316-575530

Fax: +43-316-575530-14

Mobile: +43-676-83430300

Curriculum Vitae

1986 Degree in law at the University of Graz and Salzburg

1987 Doctorate of law

1988-1990 Project management of Technova | Development of a pan-European cooperation network

1991-1994 Commercial director, member of the board of Voest Alpine Mining & Tunneling PTY ltd. in South Africa

ex 1995 Self-employed executive consultant, managing partner of ps-consult & partner GmbH

ex 1999 Managing partner of Technology Consult & Partner GmbH

2000 Business partner and managing partner, merger of ps-consult & partner GmbH with TPA Consult

ex 2002 Chief executive officer of SENSARAMA consulting GmbH | Multi-sensory solutions: scent design, sound design, colour design at the P.O.S.