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At brainGuide you can find a wide range of special events relevent to topics such as: management, legal, tax, finance / capital, and IT. BrainGuide expert events can be found in over 2,000 categories as well as relative topic combinations. At brainGuide you can also find records of past expert events that serve to help build ones profile. Future events can be synced with your own personal organizer.
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  • Services: 10%
  • Industry: 8%
  • TIMES Industries: 5%
  • Further Education: 3%
  • Retail: 2%
  • Health Care Industry: 2%
  • Public Administration: 1%
  • Real Estate Management: 1%
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Competence Partner
Arbeitsrechtskanzlei Groll & Partner

Chambers, Legal Consultancy,

ROI Management Consulting AG

Consulting, Business / Management Consultancy, Operational excellence in manufacturing...

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